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Stalking for Red Deer

Bohenie Lodges are comfortable 4-star self-catering accommodation suitable for stalkers and as part of your holiday, stalking for red deer can be arranged on your behalf. The owners have extensive experience of deer stalking and this can be arranged on nearby sporting estates.

We urge any visitor interested in deer stalking to contact us by phone for an informal chat. Ron has over 30 years experience working as a professional stalker in the Scottish Highlands and his experience will be invaluable in planning your stay.

The Scottish Red Deer stalking season in this area begins on 15th July and the stags are generally considered to be in their prime from mid September to mid October.  Scottish Red Deer Hinds are usually stalked between November and January.

The close season dates for Scottish Red Deer are declared as follows by
the The British Deer Society

Red Deer Stags (Males) 21 Oct - 30 June

Red Deer Hinds (Females) 16 Feb - 20 October

Why do Highland estates stalk and kill Red Deer?

It is essential to manage numbers of Red Deer in Scotland. Controlling deer numbers protects them from starvation due to overgrazing;  protects other animals sharing their habitat from the results of overgrazing; prevents the deer from causing damage to crops and trees. Due to the remote and difficult terrain the only practical method to control numbers is to have a cull performed each year, efficiently and humanely, by highly trained and experienced stalkers.  Sometimes stalkers lead guest hunters who make a useful financial contribution to the costs of deer management incurred by the landowners of Highland estates in Scotland.


Log cabin Fort William area, self-catering, sleeps 5-6

Timber chalet Fort William area,self-catering, sleeps 4